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Introducing a new feature: Quick Tips With Butters

First, let me introduce myself: I’m Carrie Andersen, and I’ve been doing some work behind the curtain of Digital Self-Defense for the last several months. I help Tim out by writing blog posts, website copy, and running the podcast’s social media presence.

So, in addition to subscribing to Digital Self-Defense on iTunes, Soundcloud, and Stitcher, one of the ways that you can keep apprised of new episodes and cybersecurity news is by following the podcast page on Facebook

The Facebook page has most recently been a repository for the latest news about cybersecurity, recent hacks, and interviews with cybersecurity professionals. Last week, however, we launched a new feature: Quick Tips With Butters.

Butters is a sweet, chubby, and not-too-bright corgi that Tim and I share. And, as it turns out, she has a keen interest in helping folks learn quick and easy tips about cybersecurity that emerge from each podcast episode:

We’ll post a few of these quick tips and digestible takeaways on Facebook to accompany each of the longer Digital Self-Defense episodes. Follow there for more easy-to-follow advice from Butters!

Episode 1 – Week 1: Too Many Passwords

A hearty welcome to all of you to the official blog for “Digital Self-Defense,” the podcast for everyday people to learn the ins and outs of cybersecurity in easy-to-understand language.

By way of a brief introduction: my name is Tim Honker, and I’m a Security Solutions Engineer for a cybersecurity company. I talk to the men and women in charge of information security at large U.S. companies and organizations, and help ensure that they are well-equipped to protect their data and, in many cases, your own data, too. I’m a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and have been working in the industry for almost a decade.

Beyond my professional background, I care about helping people learn about practices they can employ and tools they can use to better secure their data. I’ve taught personal electronic security workshops to friends and colleagues since 2014, and now, I’m bringing that information to the podcast masses.

“Digital Self-Defense” offers an eight-week, step-by-step program in which listeners will learn key strategies and tools to use to better protect themselves and their data in the wake of hacks, breaches, or even simple electronic malfunctions. In an age in which getting hacked or breached is inevitable, digital security shouldn’t just be for the most technically savvy among us.

Everyone deserves personal electronic security.
Everyone deserves the knowledge to respond effectively to breaches and attacks.
Everyone deserves to understand the language journalists and information security professionals use when they describe key issues in the field.

In this inaugural episode, “Too Many Passwords,” my frequent co-host and sound engineer extraordinaire Justin Tapp and I discuss breaches. What are they? Why do they matter? What harm can they do? Are they really inevitable? How can better password strategies, like using a password manager like LastPass, offer some protection against the fallout of these breaches? What is Krokodil and what does it have to do with cybersecurity? In addition, we’ll discuss a few specific, easy-to-use tools that, when implemented correctly, can improve your security posture without sacrificing too much convenience.

A quick addendum before you go forth and listen: the Digital Self-Defense podcast website includes a glossary that defines key terms and occasionally complicated concepts in cybersecurity. Hop on over here to check it out while you listen or review afterwards!

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A Brief Introduction

Welcome to the webpage for “Digital Self-Defense,” a forthcoming podcast devoted to teaching you how to keep yourself safe online. My name is Tim Honker, the creator and host of “Digital Self-Defense,” and I’m thrilled to share some my knowledge about the field of cybersecurity with all of you.

“Digital Self-Defense” will focus on a slew of topics designed to introduce everyone, from the least computer-savvy among us to those experts who simply want to learn more about the cybersecurity landscape: what it means to create a strong password (and why you really shouldn’t reuse your passwords), how to browse even sketchy websites as safely as possible, what the heck happened with Equifax and the DNC, and who the hackers and threats out in the world really are–and what you can do to protect yourself from them.

I’ll be in the studio later this month to begin recording; episodes will be released periodically throughout this spring and into 2018. Until then, follow the podcast’s Facebook page for updates on the podcast’s progress as well as relevant cybersecurity news.