About Tim Honker

Tim Honker is committed to helping you keep your data safe.

Honker has been working in the cybersecurity industry since 2010, and is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP). He has extensive knowledge of vulnerability management, penetration testing, identity and access management, web application security, and incident detection and response. He currently works as a manager for Sales Engineering for Rapid7, a company specializing in B2B cybersecurity products and services and delivers talks at cybersecurity conferences such as BSides Austin.

Beyond his day job, Honker is deeply committed to empowering everyday electronics users in getting the most out of their technologies. Since 2013, he has developed a series of workshops that instruct audiences in advanced computing techniques, as well as strategies they can employ to keep themselves and their data safe from breaches, malicious hacks, and system vulnerabilities: all in an accessible, jargon-free, and light-hearted register. He has delivered these workshops in a variety of venues, including guest lecturing in courses at the University of Texas at Austin and helping writers and researchers securely communicate with their activist contacts in hostile nations. He is thrilled to bring his passion and expertise for personal security to a broader audience through “Digital Self-Defense.”

Honker is also a seasoned performer and public speaker. He performed, directed, wrote, and produced sketch comedy and long-form improv in Austin, Texas and at comedy festivals and theaters nationally from 2008-2015. Over that period, Honker’s comedy group taught a variety of workshops and classes in performance and improvisation across the country.

He lives with his wife and welsh corgi, Butters, in Boston, Massachusetts.

Twitter: @TimHonker

LinkedIn: Tim Honker


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