About the Podcast

From the Equifax breach to the DNC, breaches of online personal data have become a common element of everyday life in 2018. Yet millions of individuals worldwide have little knowledge or experience as to what to do about these frequent data breaches. How can we protect our data and ourselves when we live in an increasingly digitized world? What can we do to mitigate the damage that inevitable failures in security pose to us? How can we feel safe when we use the internet to go shopping, file our taxes, share photos and videos, or even simply message our friends and family?

“Digital Self-Defense” is a podcast, hosted by cybersecurity professional Tim Honker (CISSP), that educates listeners about the basics of cybersecurity and data protection in an accessible, user-friendly voice. Avoiding technical jargon at all costs, the podcast provides an overview about the most important topics in cybersecurity – what happened in the Equifax breach, how (and why) to use strong, unique passwords, or the unexpected risks of web browsing, for instance – while advising users in mitigating risk to their data and themselves.

Data security is often an issue that provokes anxiety among the millions of individuals who fear losing control over their data, their finances, or their identities online. It’s time to empower people with the knowledge they need to protect themselves.